Epic Metals Competition 2019

[Vessel] Mobile Eco-Lab

Vessel is a portable lab project that highlights the ideas of opacity and transparency in regards to student interaction within a small structure.

The Vessel is divided into three modules that progressively become more opaque and enclosed as one moves through the space. Upon arriving, a student enters into Module A, the entry module that features an outdoor shaded space before passing through the doorway. After entering, the student enters Module B which serves as a lab space that can be opened to the outdoors by sliding walls on one of the sides. This allows for an adaptable connection to the outdoors as well as a method of air circulation. The final space, Module C, is the learning space. This area features stepped seating that doubles as storage as well as a more intimate and enclosed space without access to the outdoors, creating a focus on lecture and education.

3 Modules.png

As a whole unit, Vessel features a sloped roof with PV panels to collect energy as well as direct water downward into a water collection tank. In addition to this, the roof extends past the structure, allowing for exterior shading for outdoor activities. Circular lighting wells are incorporated from above to allow for more natural light to fill the space. This self sufficient structure creates a variety of learning spaces that can accommodate to the constantly evolving methods of learning.

Sec Pers.png